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English Course Again

It is almost a month since I enter an English course again, exactly in The British Institute Sudirman. Actually I have planned for the course for long time ago to sharpen my English skill. My English is still far away from the expectation, especially in my working need. The plan was run now, the only one reason that “force” me take it was a competition that held in my company. 

There is a scholarship program in my company; the program will select 100 top employees by several stages selection and then send them to take their master degree in UK, USA, Australia or Singapore. Beside the administration test, the most important test is English proficiency. Study abroad is my dream, event I have had my master degree, the dream will come true if I can pass the selection. It is the reason why I conducted an English course.

In TBI, I take International Examination Language Testing System (IELTS) Preparation class. I take this class because it will be a part of the selection. This class is designed for preparing the candidate before take the real IELTS as require in several commonwealth countries either for study or just for work/immigration purposes. IELTS is very different from Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS is aimed especially to academic purpose, thought there is another part of IELTS for general purpose, but the content still academic oriented. IELTS consist of 4 parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing, whereas in TOEFL IBT there is no speaking test.

There are 6 students in my class: me, Delvi, Intan, Iwa, Gibran and Kresna. All of us is very intend to continue our study abroad; it is why we take this class. My reason is as explained above. Delvi, a young professional worker in a multinational company in the hearth of Jakarta, She has accepted in The University of Leeds, but she still postpone the IELTS requirement because her score (from two times taking IELTS test) was still below from the criteria, it is why she take a course again. Intan, an honorary employee in an election supervisory board, was very intended continue his education abroad, until now she has not decided yet where the destination country. Iwa, a civil servant in an physical infrastructure development ministry. He wants to take his master in Germany, especially in urban management and public policy. Gibran, He has just graduate from Jakarta State Polytechnic majoring in civil engineer, He want to take his bachelor in Singapore or Dubai. And the last is Kresna, Like Delvi, he has accepted in a university in Japan for PhD Program, but he still fulfill the English proficiency by take this class.

There are three teachers that teach us by turns: Deni, a native speaker from Australia. Halim, a native speaker from USA, but he has descendant from Indonesia from his father. And the last was Hadian, he originally from Indonesia. Deni was very firm teacher, she was very cleaver, I think she has specialty in structure and writing. Halim was friendly teacher; maybe because of his age nearly same with us, his specialty is in speaking and listening, so during the class we just speak each others, sometime he corrects our pronunciation if it is false. Hadian, I can’t predict his specialty, but he is very funny teacher.

This class is very attractive, event we have our IELT score in the end of this course, but we really enjoy this class, like no load on.

All of us realize that we were very late taking an English course; even we have English since in the middle school. Learn English must be started as early as possible. Can you imagine in the middle of our business in our job our selves, after working a long day, then, we take a course again after 9 PM. We just use our residual energy. But whatever the condition we try to keep the class on fire, because learning knows no age and time, it always a benefit from everything we learn.

This course helps me to practicing my English well. Event I can’t pass the selection, I will continue learn English as much as I can do. Maybe I can continue in business communication or in global English class. Wish me luck.

  1. Vivi
    Juli 19, 2013 pukul 10:30 am

    Semanagt ito 🙂

    • Harry Simbolon
      Juli 19, 2013 pukul 10:50 am

      Mauliate ito

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